Best Islamorada Boat Tours

The Best Islamorada Boat Tours

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Islamorada boat tours are some of the most exciting outdoor activities in Islamorada, Florida and beyond. Why? Anyone who has been here will attest to the fact that Islamorada is one of the top destinations this side of the US. There're many compelling reasons for this. For one, Islamorada is home to a range of fascinating things to do and things to see. Yes, the area has some of America’s most fascinating flora and fauna. The sunsets here are a thing to marvel at. There are many maritime activities to keep you busy and excited throughout your visit. You can snorkel, take sandbar trips and (or) take engaging Eco tours. But then we all agree a trip is more than just the destination.

The experience you get as you take a tour with Clearly Unique Charters is equally -if not more important- than just the destinations. It is how the experience blends with what the destinations have to offer that compete the picture of a great and memorable trip. So you need to engage the services of a competent and highly professional boat company. There're numerous compelling reasons why we, just like many of our ever-increasing number of loyal customers, believe we are the best boat tour company around here. Sample the following facts.

Our History

We are a tour company that specializes in snorkeling tour, sandbar trips, and Eco tours by boat. We have several beautiful and state-of-the-art boats to do the job. A number of these have a capacity of up to 36 passengers while 3 of our boats accommodate smaller groups. Our captains are highly trained professionals with skills to match. The best part is that we are not new to these fun-filled tours. What do you make of a company that has been in operation in Key West, FL for more than 9 years? But being in operation for that long is not the main issue. What counts is that we’ve had a remarkable performance with our beautiful boats and amazing crew in Key West. It is this performance and our wide experience that we bring with us to our new location 80 miles north in Islamorada, FL. Are you ready to be part of this experience?

What do we have to offer and why?

It’s really our job to make sure you have all the fun in your vacation and we are very good at doing this. Our close to a decade of experience puts us a cut above the rest. So whether you are sightseeing, snorkeling or making a visit to the famous Islamorada sandbar you are in good hands with us. Our courteous and professional certified captains will treat you as family. Why are we so sure of what we are saying? Read on and see what to expect from our team in these amazing boat tours in Islamorada.

What to expect

Clearly Unique Charters with the experienced hands and skills of our team you'll confirm for yourself that Islamorada snorkeling is the best you can ever get anywhere in the world. Our boats will take you on a snorkeling adventure beneath cobalt blue and turquoise waters right off the islands of Islamorada. This tour allows your group to fully explore and appreciate the only living coral reef in North America as you experience a wide range of undersea life. Remember that almost 500 fish species and some 50 species of corals call the magnificent sea gardens of Islamorada home. With the help of our experienced guides you’ll see plenty of corals, different fish species including sergeant majors, angelfish, butterfly fish, parrot fish and many more. You might even have a close encounter with a sprout eagle ray, a sea turtle or a shark. We value your safety that’s why we’ll provide you with all the necessary gears for this trip. These include: • Snorkels • Snorkel vests • Masks • Fins • Swim noodles (this is optional).

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