Key Largo Snorkeling

Key Largo Snorkeling

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Are you looking for an awesome place for snorkeling? If you intend to explore the ecosystem, then you have come to the right place. We provide the best key largo snorkeling services that will give you memorable experiences. The tours are safe and secure for all the beginners and experts. You can choose to sight-see marine life as a small group or with your family. We assure you first-class touring when you pay us a visit. We are located 15 minutes away from Islamorada, Florida.

Thus, it is a convenient location where you can access all the amenities. We have a lot to offer when you make that trip you’ve always wanted to. You can prepare to have fun with your friends and family. Have a look at what we have prepared for you.

Why choose us?

To begin with, we are located in a strategic place where you can get all the social amenities. As for space, we have adequate space for all our visitors. You will not experience any crowding in our area as compared to other Key Largo snorkeling. It is sufficient for people who want to have an amazing time with their loved ones. Our services are also diverse to give you enough enjoyment. We have snorkeling, sand bar trips, combo tours, and sunset tours. Our prices are also affordable at different prices with adults and children.

What you can expect

There are lifetime tours that you can expect from us. We are dedicated to giving you breathtaking tours. We value you as our visitors hence you should expect to have the time of your life. You can carry your best camera because this does not go unrecorded. The unique services that we provide are as follows.


This spectacular activity is meant for everyone who is a newbie or a professional. We ensure that your swimming gear is in good condition. Our equipment is of high-caliber hence they won’t get damaged. If it is your first time, you will be guided through the whole time. Thus, you can be assured of your security. The Florida bay has a lot of living organisms to view. The most iconic features are the Cheeca Rocks which are an eye-catching sight. Snorkeling through the waters, we have to show you how the reef forms a wonderful ecosystem.

You can get to see the fish species and other organisms that have a habitat on the reef system. The sight is usually stunning with a blend of colors. The corals will amaze you due to the multiple beautiful colors. Marine life was created to give a dazzling and magnificent sight. We are here to make sure that you see all of the adorable natural phenomena.

Sandbar Trips

We set out on another adventure to make your trip worthwhile. Here, you get to swim and bask in the sun. If you love some sports, you can play volleyball to harness all the fun. The sand bar trip gives you time to bond with your family. If you have brought friends along, then you can talk and get some quality time. You can also decide to go for a nice swim as a group. This will depend entirely on your choices. The highlight is that our site is not crowded thus you can move comfortably. You can have fun in the water because of all the sufficient area capacity. You will not have the fear of bumping into many people. Thus, you are assured of a lot of flexibility in the water.

Eco Tours

We have the most navigable waters as we give you eco-tours. You can expect to check out the mangroves that have been in existence for a while. The tour gives you an opportunity to view some famous coral reefs. They are known as Hens and the Chicken Reef which is fascinating. The name was coined because the sight looks like a hen and the chicks surrounding her. The attractive coral reefs come in lovely colors. They are purple which are reflective in the waters illuminating a striking look. There are other species which cannot survive without the reef. Fish can be seen moving in and out of the coral reefs. The sight is one that will give you the ultimate experience.

Sunset Tours

How lovely would it be to end the day with a sunset tour? It would be great if we took you to tour the bay as the sun sets. The view is usually romantic, gorgeous and spectacular. It sets in all the good memories that you can always cherish. The sunset tour can be private or in a group of a few people which is relaxing. You can see how alluring nature's creation looks like. There will be soothing music to make you totally get all the ambiance. The waters at this time of the evening are reflected by the sun. During the tour, you can meet new people and also enjoy the company of your family. A trip is meant to bring you all the joy and happiness and that is what we strive to do. This, in turn, produces a lovely sight to see and appreciate.

Combo Tours

They can be done on a personal level or with some people on board. The combo tours are comfortable because you can utilize a spacious boat. We can give you two activities or more on a single day. For instance, if you love swimming and fishing we can offer both at once. This will give you double fun and saves time. The combo tours can also be decided by you and we can actualize what you need. You can also do the snorkeling and fishing in a combo tour. This is for you to maximize all the time that you can get.


As you plan to visit our top-notch island, you should come expecting the best. We have diverse activities that are lined up for you. We always ensure that you are comfortable and secure at all times. You can arrive early so that your day can be fully utilized. Only the fun-filled events will be selected. You will not get bored with the series of expeditions that we have for you. We will explore all the corners of the bay to give you the optimal time here. Welcome and let’s get you checking out the awesome aquatic life.

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