What animals can you see on our tours?

Get to know the wildlife of the Florida Keys on our Tours

Whenever you join Clearly Unique for a Kayak or Snorkeling tour you're almost certainly going to see many species of animals and fish. As a matter of fact, that is why many people book their tours with us, so that they can experience the wildlife of the Keys.

Below you'll find a few of the more common species which we see while kayaking and snorkeling. Of course, there are more species in the Keys than we can list - and you'll certainly see them too!

Bottlenose Dolphins on our Tours

Bottlenose Dolphin

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Barracudas, often seen on our Kayaking Tours


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Pelicans, which can often be seen flying above while in the Keys

Brown Pelican

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Manatee's not often seen, but occassionally come across our Tour Groups


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A Great White Egret


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Sea Turtles, fairly often seen on our Snorkeling and Kayak Tours

Sea Turtles

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Nurse Sharks as sometimes seen by snorkelers

Nurse Sharks

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A spiney lobster hanging out in the reefs on our Snorkeling Trips

Spiney Lobster

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